Dwarf Novel Finished

I didn't mention this at the time because I didn't want to interrupt my promotion for "Dwarves Can't Climb Trees" (still available at the low price of $0.99). But on Wednesday, I finished my new novel. Final count: 96,796 words.

Its pre-production title is still "Dwarves of Katie Elder" but that's obviously not final. Realistically, it might be called something like "The Mudbow Sisters" or "Rimehollow". It's hard, because fantasy titles always sound so MAX IMPORTANCE, like "Return of the War for the Light Crystal" and "The Last Kingdom of the Final Sword". Either making it something simple sounding (it reminds me of "The Brothers Karamazov" or "The Fighting Sullivans") is going to make it fade in to all the dramatic-sounding titles OR it'll stand out because readers tend to get numb to those kinds of words after awhile.

In every draft, I keep a list of notes for the future. Things I thought of, but didn't want to stop forward progress on the draft for. I never know when to start working on these. Should I start them right after I finish so the story's fresh in my mind? Or do I wait until the next draft so I'm not clouded by everything else?

And what will I do while I let this incubate? Not sure yet. Might look into freelance work. But I also might try finishing some erotica. I think Amazon might be loosening restrictions. Plus I have kind of a plan for marketing them, so it makes more sense to pursue that, see where that goes.

Anyway... onward! To fortune and glory!