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Gene is a rogue-for-hire, using his one-man ship to make a decent living on the flooded Earth. Most of the population has been driven out to Seaplexes--artificial islands glutted with poverty, commercialism, and organized crime. His AI companion, Stitch, does most of the work of their salvage and smuggling jobs. Life is good.

Until a mermaid crawls into his ship's exhaust port.

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Vala has finally been invited to the sacred glen, where she and her friends will choose their husbands. But Vala is less than thrilled -- no one wellborn is going to look twice at a farmer.

But the only way to beat the snooty, upper crust girls taking horses is to hike through the forest. That's no place for mountain-dwelling dwarf folk, and her friends agree. But better to have a few days of hardship than be miserable the rest of their lives.


A new take on Stand by Me, "Dwarves Can't Climb Trees" is about friendship, bravery, and what it means to change from a girl to a woman.

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Short Fiction

[$] = Pay to read it

Cog - The robots revolted... and we lost.
Unlife Sentence - What happens to prisoners after the zombie apocalypse?

Defender - A white mage body with a fighter's soul.

In a Dragon's Age - An old dragon slayer gets called for one last task.

The Centaur Bride - The centaurs are savage and ignoble brutes... and they want a bride.
Stupefying Stories - Aug. 2012 (Nook Edition) [$]

Z Company - When the zombies come, the American military wastes not, wants not.

Playable Character - In the future, the relation between a gamer and his avatar doesn't always end at the keyboard.
Roll the Bones (as Terms of Use) [$]

Fairy Kingdom - A fairy kingdom is discovered in central park.

Thicker Than Water - When Tanya wants to go to church, she learns something about her parents she never expected.

Influx Capacitor - What if you could go back and change one thing...

Fan Fiction

Reprise - Three princesses. Three curses. One adventure.

Rapunzel's magic hair spontaneously grows back, Ariel regains her mermaid tail, and winter returns to Arendelle. One year after their most meaningful trials and triumphs, something has taken away what they worked so hard to gain. As they leave the safety of their own kingdoms, fate is about to drive these strangers together across oceans, over mountains, into the depths of the sea, and even through the river of time itself. But will their differences stop them before the curse can? (Frozen / Tangled / The Little Mermaid)

Gatecrash - Fantasy meets future as Link finds a metal man from another world while on a new quest. Can they stop fighting with each other and work as a team to battle the looming threat over Hyrule? (Mega Man / The Legend of Zelda)

The Upgrades - Mega Man asks Dr. Light to make him more biologically complete. Roll finds out and asks for the same. But what will they do when they realize they are the only two robots on Earth with genitalia? (Mega Man) (ADULT)

Milk & Honey - Link's sexual relationship with Zelda must always stay secret, due to his common blood. But the boredom in the bedroom gets to him, until he encounters a rain-soaked Malon with her shirt off. (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (ADULT)

Baby Blocks - Squall learns that Selphie and Irvine are about to have a baby. With two weeks before the wedding, how will the "children of fate" cope with their personal convictions that threaten to break their friendships apart? (Final Fantasy VIII)

ZerOthello - Zero becomes the prey of a fellow Maverick Hunter and a plot of deception and betrayal, as he starts to believe that his best friend, Mega Man X, has become a Maverick. (Mega Man X)

Dance Club - Zelda gets the urge to visit a dance club that just opened up in Castle Town, and Link reluctantly has to accompany her. (The Legend of Zelda)

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