My Birthday List - 1992

As a bonus to my Christmas list, here are the items on my birthday list for 1992.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project [Nintendo game] ($39.00)

This is on my "most memorable/influential-on-my-life video games".  And I recall getting it from my paternal grandparents of all people.  These were the people who got me the Alf game for the Mac.  My dad must have to lead him step-by-step on how to buy it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Duelin' Dudes  

I eventually got this for Christmas (I think).  It's just Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robots.  The problem is that one guy's head always gets a little looser than the others, and then it becomes unfair.  And why they have Michelangelo vs. Shredder, I don't know.  Wouldn't Leo or Raph be more appropriate.  Splinter would be best, but no kid's gonna buy that game.

Mini-Typhoon ($69.99)

I thought a remote control hovercraft was so cool.  Much better than any car with those primitive "wheels".  Jeez, cavemen used those.  This thing can go on water!  It's got those sweet double turbines, a sleek black finish.  It's like something out of Star Wars.

Remember what I said about my grandparents?  Yeah, they went and got me a cheap knock-off version that had a cord.  A CORD!  I loved them, but they did not know how to buy presents for their grandchildren.

The Simpsons Game "Mystery of Life" ($15.99)

I have no idea if this game was good or not.  It just had the Simpsons on it.  I must have been an advertisers dream -- quality?  Who needs it?  It's got licensed characters.  I remember distinctly when I was nine, watching a Roger Rabbit Diet Coke commercial.  When it was over, I immediately turned to my dad and said "Dad, we should get some Diet Coke".  Not because I wanted any, but because Roger Rabbit supported the product.  Anything associated with things I liked, I liked.  I wanted to get Met Life insurance because Snoopy sold it and stay at an Embassy Suites because Garfield was in the commercials.

Garfield Quartz Watch ($11.00)

Speaking of Garfield... I can't remember anything specifically appealing about this watch.  I probably needed a new watch at the time -- I was not good at taking care of these things.  And you know... Garfield.

Boy's Huffy Street Rocker 20" Bike

Wow, I can't believe I asked for some sporting equipment.  I must have just wanted it cause it had a radio.

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