The Year in Review

I don't think I did this last year, but if I did here's another one, AuthorQuest's Year in Review.

The year started off good. The Dunesteef posted their production of "Playable Character", and I liveblogged as I listened to my first published work. I also sold Fairy Kingdom and got that published. I got in some trouble with The Shine Journal, and then realized I did not have comments turned on. For three years. This led to my first spam comment. I also made an obligatory "about me" page, which every blogger should have at some point.

Most of the beginning of the year, I worked on the first draft of Merm-8, and finished that in May. In between, I started work on my "Revising Macros" (and that link is a living document, I am still adding new stuff to the code). There were a few feature premieres--"Authors I'd Like To Have Dinner With" and "Hot Girls You Don't Know About", both of which I promptly forgot I ever wrote. Hopefully, Featured Fan Fiction won't go the same way. I published a list of Hugo-nominated works and where to find them, made a lot of Left 4 Dead posts, and wrote an experimental erotica/pr0n. I put in more images and videos, as well as an awesome quote widget (see the website, if you're on RSS reader or something).

The nice thing is that traffic has been steadily increasing. I got 2,000 visits, 13% which came from direct traffic. My top search keywords were things like "good fantasy movies" and "top 10 fantasy movies", which dovetails to my most popular post of the year, "Eric's Top Ten Fantasy Movies", followed by "Renaissance Fair Write Up Part 1", "Top Five Movies that Need to Be Remade", and the post announcing "Milk and Honey".

So it's been a productive year, better than last year at least. I'm disappointed that "Black Hole Son" still hasn't found an agent or publisher. I've improved on my query letter, but I still don't know how to write one, least of all for this piece. But we'll see what the future holds.